About Us

Ted & Gen's has been an outstanding restaurant in the community for over 40 years. We strive to make your dining experience a pleasure; from the time you walk in our doors and see our Famous Open Pit that we still use today in preparing and cooking your meals to dining at your table. We want you to feel like family.

Many of our staff have been with us for over ten years, so between our family members and all of our staff, who are like family, we have 200+ years of experience.  Our staff is great!  We couldn't do it without them.  We love that they care about this place and believe in it and they enjoy what they do.  We hope when you come visit us you'll find an atmosphere of good moods, sense of humors and great food!
Comments By Cedric Adams:
Following is an excerpt taken from the Cedric Adam's column some years ago after the late Mr. Adams visited Frank's Place (now Ted & Gen's Bar-B-Q): "It was one of the largest open barbecue pits I have ever seen inside in my life. I measured it and found the dimensions to be six feet by three feet and I don't know how deep. A bed of charcoal, gray-hot, steamed quietly. Frank, the proprietor, greeted us and then introduced his wife, Christine, We ordered. Some had the barbecued ribs, others, including me, had the steaks. Remember, this is all in the town of 150 population. Never have I had any better food anywhere. Frank is a Hungarian, came originally from Chicago where he was an interior decorator for a time, an engineer at another. His charcoal grate holds 22 choice steaks at a time and whoppers they are or he can broil 30 pounds of ribs at a time and frequently has the thing filled from noon to closing." Frank Roth passed away August 6, 1967. From that time on, it had its ups and downs, mainly downs.
BUT -- as of November 19, 1971, Ted and Gen Ludovissie have expanded and remodeled to welcome you to their friendly Western Atmosphere, preparing the same good ribs and steaks on the original open pit grill with an added huge appetizing relish tray, not forgetting your favorite cocktail.
Early History of Aldrich, Minnesota
Aldrich, the oldest settlement in Wadena County, was actually a community before the tracks for the NPRR were completed in the years 1871-1872. It is the home of the first railroad, first post office and first Catholic church in the county. It is also the home of the last Indian uprising in this county. Danial Billings, father of Mrs. Hattie Anderson, came to Aldrich, an already established settlement in 1869 at the age of 18. At this time there was a white family by the name of Aldrich living with the Chippewa Indians on what is now the service drive. It is believed the settlement was named after this man, Mr Billings and Henry Bower built a sawmill in 1880 where the Strom house now stands.
The Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church was established as a mission in 1870.  The building was erected in 1885-1886. The lots for the mission were purchased from the Pudget Sound RR Co. and the first priest was Father Dunkel. There were 18 charter members. The first recorded wedding took place November 20, 1879 and united in marriage Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Whalen. Frank Hayes was the first baptism. The Catholic cemetery, north of Aldrich, was laid out in 1887 by Charles Spencer and Dick Spillane. The church closed in 1970.
The NPRR was completed from Duluth to Moorhead in 1871-1872 and Michael Kelly was pumpman and paymaster at this time. His family homesteaded a farm in Thomastown five miles northeast of Aldrich. There were ten children in the family, five boys and five girls. Mr. Kelly was also appointed first Postmaster in 1877. Aldrich had the first post office in Wadena County.
According to Ann Kelly's journal there was an Indian uprising in Aldrich in 1872, the last in the County. The militia from Fort Ripley was summoned to help restore peace. Ann was the daughter of Michael Kelly and lived in Aldrich most of her life. She is buried in the Catholic Cemetery north of town.
The first general store was opened in 1878 by W. A. Bryant and Bro. John Gellespie opened a store in 1879 and was appointed the second Postmaster that same year. A. J. Walker and Ed Aldrich (no relation to town's namesake) opened a store in the Whalen Building in 1906. When he died, Arvid Peterson and wife, Doris, who was Mr. Walker's daughter, operated the store until Mr. Peterson passed away in 1959. Doris passed away in 1972.
In 1881 Dels Helmes built a hotel called the Aldrich House. This would have been located about where the Bert Peterson house now stands.
The school district 19 and 79 was organized in 1883 and the district was bonded for $900 to build and furnish said school. The site chosen was across from the present Congregational Church and the building burned in 1961. The first teacher was Addie Gill. She was hired for a four month term at $30 a month. There were 29 students and the district consolidated with Staples and Verndale in 1970.